Thursday, August 1, 2013

An apology and some summer pics

I'm sorry it's been so long since my last post. I've been unable to buy clothing for a while, which limits my fashion blogging potential a little (or at least the ability to post pictures of myself wearing cute stuff). I have also been having a lot of difficulty finding clothing that's decent for petite plus-sizers, or at least those who are built like me. Don't worry--I'm not giving up! I'm sure I'll have plenty of new blog fodder soon, when I actually start exploring the Fall styles.

Here I am on my mom's birthday, May 30th. Yeah, it's been a while since this was taken, but this is one of my favorite tops so I thought I would share. It's made by Daniel Rainn. I'm wearing a size 1X, but it turns out the XL also fits. In fact, the XL is a completely different fit, with a much shorter high-low hemline. I'll get a pic of myself in that one eventually. Anyway, I like the relaxed fit of this one, too, so I've kept both! It is a semi-sheer shirt, but I haven't found that I need to wear a camisole underneath, at least not if I'm wearing a nude-colored bra.

(This top is also on sale in my eBay store now through Sunday at 20% off. Here is a link if you're interested.)

And here I am the next evening, ready for date night with my husband. I'm wearing an Old Navy ruched-neck t-shirt in Petite XXL. I have this shirt in a rainbow of different colors. It was very inexpensive and I love the fit, and it's great for hotter days. I haven't been brave enough to go sleeveless this summer due to big stretch marks on my upper arms, but these are close enough to sleeveless to be comfortable. (I've seen some blogs preach body acceptance to the point of "loving" your stretch marks, but I'm sorry, I'm just not there yet and I don't know if I ever will be!) The skirt is actually a size XL from Max Studio that I bought a long time ago, and it always fits because it's got a very elastic waistline and a loose fit. It's made of a heavy cotton.

My usual Clarks sandals in both pictures!

Re: my last blog post, I am still trying to lose weight (I'm down a few pounds so far). It's a struggle because I tend to binge eat and I don't exercise much, but I'm working on those things. My goal--which I will try not to beat myself up over if I don't meet--is to be down to a size 16 again for my cousin's wedding next June. I hope that's realistic for me.


  1. good luck to you! and you look just fine to me. you always have a big smile on and even if you didn't wear anything but the smile you'd be gorgeous!