Thursday, September 19, 2013

BOOM! It's Phillip Lim for Target!

The 3.1 Phillip Lim line for Target has generated a lot of excitement (now that's an understatement). I was online for its release, which was...painful. I waited until 4 AM for my chance to get a few of these items--many of which sold out right away, right under my nose. I managed to get 3 bags: a Tote with Gusset in Taupe, a Medium Satchel in Purple, and a Mini Satchel with Gusset in Taupe, all of which I will be receiving tomorrow if the delivery's on schedule. I may or may not keep them. It depends on how heavy they are (I usually only carry really light weight bags) and how pretty they are in person (somehow I don't see myself being able to part with the purple one!).

Anyway, now we get to the "meat" of this post. You know, the part where I write about Petite Plus Size stuff. The 3.1 Phillip Lim collection for Target actually has some items that fit plus sizes! I don't know if they did it intentionally, but whether they did or not, hooray!!!

Here is a list of the things I tried and how they fit:

  • First up, The BOOM! Sweatshirt - I love this thing. I don't really know why, I just do. The XL fits me, albeit a little tightly. If you wear a size 14-18, this will probably fit you. I wear a 20, so it's maybe a little tighter than I would like, but since most people seem to prefer wearing clothing a little more tightly than I do this would probably fit my fellow size 20 wearers as well. It's got a cute hemline and is just the right length as far as I'm concerned, so it might be a little short on taller people. I bought this one and I'm keeping it. Verdict: fits a size 20! Eureka!
  • Sparkle Dress in Blue - this looked so pretty on the hanger, despite its being a sort of shapeless sack. (And when I see a shapeless item on a hanger, my first thought is, "I'll give it some shape!") I tried it on in size XL. Strangely enough, it fit great in the torso but was too tight in the hips. I am bigger up top, so that rarely happens! Verdict: if you're a size 18 or smaller, this should fit, though I don't know how well. 
  • Sparkle Peplum Top in Black - this is an awesome top. Again, tried the XL. Unfortunately, I'm too busty for it, so I got smooshed. Didn't look pretty. But if you're a size 20 and not super busty, it will probably look great. It almost looked nice on me. It gave me a waist, which I don't actually have! Also, it stretches, so it might fit even if you have a big gut like mine. Not for those of us with bigger boobs, though. Verdict: may fit other size 20s without huge boobs, and will probably fit (and flatter) those who wear lower sizes.
  • Sparkle Tank in Grey  - Too long and too clingy in the butt area. Verdict: not for Plus Petites.
  • Long-Sleeve Blouse in Green - Another "almost." If you're a size 18 or below, you can probably pull this off, BUT you'll probably have to wear it tucked in because it's quite long and the hemline is weird. I thought it was rounded in front and squared off in the back, but the pictures on the website make it look like a normal high-low, so maybe that was just my perception. And another surprise: it wasn't too tight in the boobs, just in the tummy area! Verdict: beautiful color, too long and too tight on me, but will probably work for anyone even a little smaller even if you're busty. Don't get it if you're like me and hate to tuck in shirts!
  • Drop Dress in White/Black - I wanted this to fit so badly. It was just a little too tight. Again, if you're a size 18 or lower, it'll probably fit. Sigh. Also, the length was still above-the-knee on me (but not by much). Verdict: size 18 or lower, this may work for you.
  • The BOOM! Sweater Dress - Honestly, I tried this on just for a laugh. I thought it would look ridiculous on me. It actually didn't look so ridiculous. It clung to my curves, but in a good way--the sweater is really stretchy. The dress came down to my knees. If I could wear really high heels, I bet this would actually look kind of adorable. Verdict: will even fit a size 20 but might be a little long on a Plus Petite.

As for the rest of the items in the collection, they either haven't shown up in a size XL in our local store yet, or I just haven't liked them enough to try them on. Please let me know if you've had different experiences with the items I wrote about, or if you have info about the other pieces in this collection that might be helpful for other petite plus size ladies!

Also, a little message from me to Target: please, please, PLEASE start making your designer collaborations in larger sizes! Just XXL and XXXL and so many of us would be so much happier, and we'd gladly spend our hard-earned money at YOUR STORE! It's a win-win! Seriously!